Training of Anti-Pyromaniac Dogs

It is possible that you have not heard of anti-pyramid dogs, so today we will talk a little about this important work that some canines do. Dogs have accompanied and helped people throughout history, and the use of certain gifts and characteristics has been extremely beneficial for our species. Dogs have very powerful senses, such […]

Lifeguard Dog Training

Surely on some occasions, you have observed the work of rescue dogs. Its function is to find lost people in different circumstances and surfaces. Water, land, forests, earthquakes and different catastrophes are the scenario for this type of animal to apply what they know how to do: help humans. Without a doubt, there is a […]

Fashions in Dogs That Should Never Be Allowed

We continually see how many dogs follow certain fashion landmarks. Dressed in clothes, designer accessories and even tattooed, animals become a mannequin of their owners. But what are fashions in dogs? Painted nails, colors and exotic haircuts and hours inside a branded bag, with the sole objective of being an “accessory of owners” are some […]

Vaccination Schedule for Dogs

Vaccination is possibly one of the main responsibilities that a caregiver acquires when adopting or buying a pet. However, sometimes difficulties arise when there is not much clarity about the guidelines or the vaccination schedule for dogs. We tell you a little about this important aspect. Why vaccinate a dog? Vaccination is important because it […]

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