Do Dogs Understand What We Say?


One of the phrases most used by dog ​​owners is that they only need to speak.

That is, it seems to us that it would only be necessary for him to answer us when we spoke to him so that we would have the feeling that he is almost human. If this phrase is used, it is because we have the conviction that they understand our language.

But will it really be that way? Do dogs understand what we tell them?

Dogs understand part of what we humans say

According to a study from the University of Sussex (United Kingdom), dogs understand part of what we tell them in a similar way to how humans do.

Each of the two cerebral hemispheres of the dog is prepared to understand various facets of language, both verbal and nonverbal. This is possible because this kind of animal has a certain intelligence, which in some cases would not be very different from the human one.

One of the authors of this study states that they cannot guarantee how much information they understand or how, but dogs do understand several parts of the conversation. This leads them to decipher simple phrases like ‘Come here’.

Communication between dogs, between humans, dogs with humans …

We all know that the communication process goes far beyond simple or complex words. It involves the gestures, intonation or gestures we use. Information that is absorbed by different parts of our brain.

Until now, it was known that when two dogs tried to communicate with each other, both cerebral hemispheres fulfilled different functions when processing language. This study shows how the same thing happens when communication is with humans.

The left hemisphere of people assimilates intelligible information, that is, the phonemes that make up the words and phrases. The law, meanwhile, is responsible for understanding the tone or accent. Both hemispheres are therefore essential to assimilate language among humans.

What this research shows is that dogs are able to divide into both hemispheres everything that language encompasses in order to assimilate it. They conclude that they have intelligence comparable to that of a 2-year-old child.

The study to know if dogs understand

The study involved 250 dogs and, according to the results obtained, this capacity would be explained or that it is something that certain species of mammals manage to carry out or that it has been possible to develop thanks to centuries of coexistence with the human being.

The test to which this type of pets was subjected was to reproduce in their presence different previously recorded messages, in order to study how the animal reacted on each occasion.

Sometimes they heard the familiar ‘Come here’, without intonation. In others, nothing that made sense, but in a positive way.

To know which of the two hemispheres was processing the information, they looked at whether the dog had looked to the left, which would mean that it is the right hemisphere that processes the information, and vice versa.

Then they could see how they assimilated the data in a similar way to humans.

Other previous studies to know if dogs understand the language

It is not the first study conducted on communication between dogs and humans, as it could not be otherwise.

Others that had been carried out previously indicated, for example, that animals do not look at the finger when someone points to something, but the object indicated.

They also recognize if their interlocutor is a man or a woman, as any of us would do. They can even relate a voice to a face, especially if it’s its owner.

Within all dogs, it seems that the one with the greatest intelligence is the Border Collie, at least that is what was found in a study dating back to 1994. It was claimed that it manages to differentiate more than 1,000 objects by name and also that Is able to understand generic terms like toy or ball.

Surely after this article, you value much more the skills that your favorite pet has to understand what you are saying. So take advantage so that they are always positive things that make your special bond grow.

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