Fashions in Dogs That Should Never Be Allowed


We continually see how many dogs follow certain fashion landmarks. Dressed in clothes, designer accessories and even tattooed, animals become a mannequin of their owners.

But what are fashions in dogs? Painted nails, colors and exotic haircuts and hours inside a branded bag, with the sole objective of being an “accessory of owners” are some transformations or functions that some pets must undergo to please the absurd taste of their owners.

But … to what extent this type of behavior, quite invasive, about animals is positive? As a reflection, below we share certain canine rights that should not be allowed. Do we know them?

Transport bags

If we talk about transport bags here, toy dogs, such as Chihuahua, Yorkie’s, Pomeranian’s and many others, take the worst part.

The popularity of toy dogs has been increasing, for some years, leading to a modern phenomenon known as the “bag dog.”

Literally, the bag dog is an animal small enough to be carried in a large bag or in a cage specially designed to carry it under the arm.

This trend of ‘bag’ dogs may have started with celebrities, such as Paris Hilton or Nicole Richie and it didn’t take long to seep into the crowd.

The image of a woman or man carrying a small dog in a handbag has become, in recent years, very recurrent.

Type dog’s toy are fashionable, and take them in a bag is a priority. If you are thinking of getting a toy dog ​​because you think it is cool or does not require the same type of attention as a large dog, think about it for a moment.

Although without a doubt, these types of animals are small and cute, we must not forget that they are dogs equally. Therefore, they require the same commitment of time and money to guarantee their care and well-being.

Is carrying a toy dog in a bag correct? The toy dog ​​and other small breeds have tiny legs and may be unable to keep up with the pace of people’s gait. Usually, carry it in a small bag, to avoid tiredness and overexertion, not bad.

What is not correct is to do it for fashion. In addition, it is important to use an appropriate cage to transport it. Let’s think: that the animal lives in the same space with your mobile phone and purse is not a good idea. It will be uncomfortable for the animal and will have a little place to sit.

Fashions in dogs: custom clothing

According to some organizations that defend the rights of animals, people who dress their dogs could be penalized.

Animal advocates claim that forcing pets to wear clothes could be detrimental to dogs, threatens their well-being and, in some cases, can even be grounds for prosecuting their owners.

The canine couture, in recent years, has become fashionable and there is a great variety of products for sale; from booties, pajamas, pants and even hoodies for dogs.

The best fashion designers, including Vivienne Westwood and Ben de Lisi, have also created dog designs, while the London store Harrods organizes an annual fashion show called Pet-a-Porter.

Experts believe that there are times when dog clothes may become acceptable. For example, during cold weather, with some small dogs or short-haired varieties.

The exaggeration of many owners leads some dogs, in climates where rain is usually the main protagonist, wear water boots and even adapted umbrellas.

Owners can buy whatever their animals crave but it is a fact that it is nonsense that they are disguised. It is not natural.

On the other hand, professionals have also warned that dog clothes can cause animals to overheat.

Finally, another of the ridiculous fashions is to tattoo the animals or cut them and dye their hair in a color that attracts attention. Definitely, in these types of cases, animal rights are violated and pets can be at risk.

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