Training of Anti-Pyromaniac Dogs


It is possible that you have not heard of anti-pyramid dogs, so today we will talk a little about this important work that some canines do.

Dogs have accompanied and helped people throughout history, and the use of certain gifts and characteristics has been extremely beneficial for our species.

Dogs have very powerful senses, such as hearing and smell, which allows them to detect things that would be impossible for us.

However, this is not free. Dogs need the training to be able to complete specific tasks, as well as enhance all their talent and get the most out of it.

What is an anti-pyramid dog?

Anti-poultry dogs are a group of canines specifically trained to detect the use of fire accelerators in cases of fire, and thus be able to detect if they were caused.

They are also used in institutions or buildings at risk of terrorist attacks to stop this type of action (similar to anti-explosive dogs).

The way they detect is using one of their most powerful senses: smell.

Through this powerful sense, dogs can discover products such as gasoline or kerosene, even in minimal quantities that not even machines can detect.

What is the fire?

Something that forced the police and other regulators to train dogs for this specific work is due to the number of fires that occur each year. So, what is the difference between a fire and a normal or accidental fire?

As the name implies, the fires caused are those caused by a person, with a specific purpose. The fires caused are different from the accidental ones because they are intentional, that is to say, whoever provokes them to do so with the full awareness that their actions will impact on a fire.

Let’s look at some reasons:

  • To collect insurance. Insurance scams are possibly the number 1 reason for arson.
  • To cover up a crime. Sometimes fires are caused to try to erase the track of a crime of lesser magnitude (robberies, homicides, etc).
  • Revenge. The number of fires that are committed on third party properties as a form of revenge for offenses of different nature is very striking.
  • For a pathology. One of the less common causes, but that occurs, of fires, is by people suffering from pyromania, or an uncontrollable attraction to fire or to make things burn.

Whatever the reason, determining the cause of a fire is important because that way you can initiate investigations that find the whereabouts of those responsible, and who can answer for any damage that may have been generated.

What is the training of anti-pyromaniac dogs

Anti-poultry dogs should be started from puppies in training as police dogs, which include education in obedience, in persecution and rescue and rescue.

However, specimens with exceptional smell are selected to receive specific training (as well as anti-narcotics dogs).

The training consists of familiarizing them and teaching them to look for products such as gasoline, diesel, petroleum, kerosene and a varied range of alcohol (including liquor), or any type of substance that is known for its accelerating properties (capacity of causing fires).

As soon as the dog locates the substance, prizes are given.

You are taught to move stealthily so that you do not run the risk of an accident while doing your job (for example, falling into a hole or stepping on some embers).

As the training progresses, different locations are used, which have all kinds of stimuli, whether visual, auditory or olfactory. These work as distractors to educate the dog on what to focus on.

In the final phase, they take it to real scenes (some may be tricked) that have already been reviewed to see how the dog reacts and to familiarize himself with such scenarios.

He finally receives his degree as an anti-drug handler and is assigned a partner and duties within the police force.

The average of the training is one year, although it must be reinforced during the first four years of the dog’s life.

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