Why Do Dogs Scratch the Ground?

Unfortunately, we do not have as much time as we would like and this leads us to sometimes miss things that are important.

There are times when we have a pet that we stop to observe their behavior, and we are surprised by certain actions they carry out. That is when we ask ourselves questions about what we have seen.

One of them may be why dogs scratch the ground. Today we are going to try to find the answer.

Customs in dogs

Surely you’ve ever heard the phrase that man is an animal of customs. We do not know if we can consider this statement very accurate, but what we can affirm with completeness is that dogs are animals of customs.

Customs consist of doing things automatically, without having to think about it. It is a great advantage because the opposite would undoubtedly be exhausting.

That is, if we did not have customs we would have to think about everything we do throughout the day, from getting out of bed and putting on our shoes to brushing our teeth before sleeping.

Well, as with humans, dogs make life easier for customs and also make them enjoy relative harmony. That state of comfort that makes them do things naturally makes them feel comfortable.

But, on the other hand, they have the disadvantage that, on occasion, they make us feel trapped and do not give much room for improvisation, not to mention that some are very difficult to break.

If this happens in the case of people, in dogs it is even more complicated.

If your dog has a habit of scratching the ground and it is something you don’t like it to do, you may find it quite difficult to get him to stop doing it. Because, although a custom is not established overnight, ending it is a much longer process.

For this reason, if your dog has started scratching the ground, arm yourself with patience if you want to get him to stop.

But let’s see why dogs scratch the ground.

Why dogs scratch the ground

We will start by saying that the fact that dogs scratch the ground is very normal, many do. Of course, it is not the same thing that you do in your house, on the platform, the parquet floor or any other material that you have in your home to do it in the street.

It is true that if you have a habit of scratching the floor at home, you should try to avoid it by all means. It is clear that, otherwise, it will end up causing us some damage that will not help us to have a cordial relationship with our pet.

If you do it abroad we will not need to correct that custom, but we can still ask why they do it.

These are some reasons that can lead to dogs scratching the ground:


You are nervous or upset for some reason, or maybe without it. You need to burn all your energy by exercising. It is possible that he is simply making a wake-up call so that we perceive that he requires that we dedicate more time, playing with him or simply taking him out for a walk.


Sometimes the reason that dogs scratch the ground is as simple as that with this action they pretend to file their nails because they are too long. So look closely at your condition to prevent it from happening.


If what you do is scratch your bed or the place where you rest, the only reason would be to accommodate it to be more comfortable.

Cold or hot

In summer the dogs scratch the earth to find the lower layer that does not give the sun, looking for it to be colder. In winter the reason is the opposite.


After making their needs, the dogs scratch the ground with both their back and front legs. Contrary to what happens in the case of cats, their goal is not to bury their needs, but to leave the marked area for other members of their species to perceive.

Now you know the reasons dogs have for scratching the ground.

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